List #1: What Makes You Happy Right Now

I’ve been in kind of a slump lately and although the quality of my life has improved I know I need to work on other things within myself.

If you asked if I was happy, I wouldn’t exactly say “yes” but rather I’m content or maybe even satisfied. But maybe there are different versions of happiness or maybe it means different things to different people. All I know is that happiness is a positive thing and is commonly associated with an ear-to-ear smile just like the woman in the picture above.

I’m not smiling like her. Rather, my face is in its resting state (by the way, I don’t have “resting-bitch-face”). I’m fine. I’m stable (for now). I’m content. Yet, part of me wants to feel something.

Apparently, I have a plethora of books that I’ve totally forgotten about. Most of them I haven’t read entirely. Call me a “half-assed” book reader because that’s exactly what I am. I’ve only finished very few books in the past few years. But anyway, I found this book on my bookshelf called “52 Lists for Happiness: Weekly Journaling Inspiration for Positivity Balance, and Joy” by Moorea Seal.

I told myself why not. This is a great time to learn about myself and dig deeper into my inner being. After all, we are still in COVID times and with no end in sight.

Does anyone want to do this with me by the way? Maybe comment below and maybe we can become friends.

I invite you.

List What Makes You Happy Now

  1. Seeing my dogs, Badger and Cinnamon, every time I come home. They are always greeting me with such enthusiasm. I am happy that they are happy to see me.
  2. Interacting and talking to someone new. Even if it is just a friendly “Hello”
  3. Every time I get a package in the mail, even though I know that I sent it to myself.
  4. I am able to support myself, financially, and affording my own space.
  5. YouTube and access to any kind of learning materials through that platform. By the way, I’m always up for a TED talk.
  6. When someone tells me a nice story
  7. When I see my mom is happy when I buy her chocolate. When I really probably shouldn’t because it has sugar. But you only live once.
  8. Taking a nice bath.
  9. A clean desk to work on.
  10. The many opportunities that came my way just this year
  11. Working for a mental health start-up that not only taught me a lot about myself but helped me tap into space I never thought I would get into at all.
  12. Having the right people push me out of my comfort zone, as gracefully as they did.
  13. Being asked to write for others.
  14. Meeting people on Twitter, when I just started using this past August.
  15. When someone calls me out of nowhere just because they felt like it
  16. Learning from other people
  17. Working at my new job where I feel part of a team
  18. Having a friend
  19. Eating ice cream, of course!

I suppose this is my list for today. I know that book was meant to provide a list a list of happiness for the next 52 weeks but instead, I want to do it for 52 days. I believe it will also help me re-establish my writing habits.

I’ve been very bad for the month of October, but I hope this book will help change that.

Content Creator | Digital Marketer | Biochemist | Future UX/UI Designer | Writing about mental health, wellness, and millennial culture @xtinelorelie

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